Manish Sagar CEO

Manish heads Business Development and Sales at Triend. His strong technical background allows him to empathize with clients, successfully meeting their ever changing needs and requirements. He has assisted several clients in outlining their product roadmap as well as robust go-to-market strategies.

Manish has worked with many technology start-up companies to expand their presence worldwide. With his strong business acumen and ability to strengthen business relationships, he has managed to give shape to many long term engagements and partnerships. Prior to founding Triend, Manish was working as an International Business Head for a US$ 70M organization. Manish is a computer science honors engineering graduate.

Vikrant Tomar MD

Vikrant is a jack of many trades, to the point of bridging the gap between extreme disciplines to find a way forward for the big product. His experience ranges from trading engineer working in fortune 500 companies (Comcast, Tata) with start-ups and then back again, and his disciplines cover both extensive qualifications in information technology and computer science, with the pedigree of international business expertise.

Vikrant combines two degrees in technology with a further Masters in Business from California State. His subsequent journey in the working environment reflecting the fusion of these two discipline, as Vikrant now excels at guiding a team to solve complex tasks with the clear goal of rebuilding the final product into a very simple, customer-oriented solution.

Rudra Singh Technical Advisor

As an engineering and product management executive with 25+ years of experience, Rudra is a hands-on technical leader with experience in a wide variety of technologies. Rudra has held key positions with companies like AT&T Bell Labs, HINDALCO and also, a Silicon-Valley based wireless solutions company. During his tenure in his last company, Rudra expanded the product base from one to five different verticals increasing the customer base to about 16 million.

Having done his MS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Mississippi State University in 1994, Rudra has served as a Chief Technology Expert with various organizations and is presently shaping up a revolutionary travel product set to launch shortly.

Karandeep Singh

Karandeep Singh is a business intelligence expert with over 10 years of experience focusing on data science. He has an extensive experience in finance, web analytics and understanding user behavior using big data.

This includes A/B Testing, multivariate testing, yield management, variance analysis (RPM, page views, revenue), reporting and team management. He has vast experience in running analytics , optimization and monetization department.